Probate Plus Preservation Trust

There is no reason why a Trust arranged under the correct circumstances, cannot also successfully protect against Care Costs.

Local Authorities however, are increasingly challenging any transfer of assets including into Trusts which have been quite properly set up to avoid the problems which are described elsewhere on this web site.

To address this problem, Legacy Planning Solutions in Association with Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd can now offer the

Probate Plus Preservation Trust 

In the event of any challenge by the Local authority:

  • Countrywide will complete all of the necessary forms and construct any legal arguments necessary, to uphold your asset protection planning. (Countrywide have never lost a challenge yet)
  • Cover the costs of defending this challenge up to £500

Should the Local Authority challenge succeed and the Trust has been in place for at least 6 months……
the Countrywide Insurance Backed Guarantee will reimburse you for the actual fees, you paid for your Asset Protection Planning Strategy (up to a maximum limit)